Period: Contemporary
Genre: Gangster, Machiavellian Tragedy, Thriller
Locations: L.A., Toronto, Rome, Helsinki


We Are Hoodwinks


‘We Are Hoodwinks’ shows the fall of Henry and his friends into the hyper-violent, sordid world of international gangland dealings.  
     Henry’s past was like any other; sweet ambitions, a loving family and close knit friends. The loyal brother ANDREW, his beautiful friend GABRIELLA, and his lover TURQUOISE now found themselves embroiled in his murky plans and in pursuit of those who kept Henry captive. Systematically tortured and a daily diary taped by ANNA, a beautiful and psychotic enemy, along with her Hoodwinks, under the authority of the old guard leader, MARTINE of ROME, HENRY would grow closer and closer to his dreams of power. Extreme conditions and high stakes change all motives and those who were beloved and trusted, find they too desire power and riches. Old allegiances mean little, and hidden plans make for a volatile and complex conclusion.

  We see the twisted chain of events that lead HENRY here to the wicked world of torture, sex, drugs and murder. However, that which began this history is most twisted of all. . . .

  Set in LA, Toronto, Rome and Helsinki, we see the conspiracies and laws of a wild sadistic underworld and the strangest plan to overturn that which Henry simply calls ‘the weak old guard.’ 

We Are Hoodwinks
50 word Synopsis

We’ve entered a gangster world of torture, sex, ghosts, drugs and murder. Henry’s obedience to violence, fuels his sordid bid for an underworld coup. Extreme conditions and high stakes change all motives. Old allegiances mean nothing and hidden plans are hatched. All action is unexpected but totally committed.



We Are Hoodwinks
Teaser Pitch

‘We Are Hoodwinks’ is set in LA, Rome, Helsinki and London in a gangster world of torture, sex, ghosts, drugs and murder. Henry Preston and Gabriella and the new guard are moving to oust the old mafia family, the Vermontes... However, no one’s motives are what they first seemed.


We Are Hoodwinks



Set in today’s international Underworld, Henry Preston and Gabriella set out to over through the old guard mafia family, the Vermontes, by most sordid and twisted methods. A complex story unfolds.

       Henry is an up and coming gangster, charismatic, strong willed and handsome. He works for the Vermontes but he has sensed weakness.

       He uses the underworld to truly revel in all it can offer up - in its quite surreal extremes of violence, sex, and Machiavellian ambition.

       Gabriella, Henry’s respected colleague is Italian, beautiful, patient and a most ruthless mafia Princess. She is in line to marry Stefano Vermonte because of adverse and political pressures.

       The plan to oust the Vermontes is triggered by the murder of Henry’s girlfriend, Turquoise, an innocent and pretty young woman, by Vermonte Henchmen.

       We’ve seen in the film that Henry has a relationship with violence to others and self-inflicted mutilation which introduce his sordid plan.
       He wants to entice his new enemies to torture him and document it.. For him, a testimony to his will and power. For the Vermontes a document to his demise. This all takes place on a farm in Finland, far far away from anywhere. Once his will is affirmed his plan is for a turn around coupe to ensue. The execution of the Vermonte leaders, hopefully at the site of his torture, so that the event can be complete and documented as a note to all his future enemies or competition.

  At the farm, where all gather, all are killed, Henry’s Gang, Andrew Gabriella’s lover, Martine and Stefano Vermonte, the torturer Henchmen are all shot, as they sleep, shave, are tied up awaiting pain, by Gabriella who is realising her final plan. She is wife to Stefano and will inherit a great deal. A Mansion, a lot of money, and a lot of power.