Spurn Head

Muddy Clay taken from the estuary coast line of Spurn Head was carried over to the North Sea Side of the Peninsula.
Old broken sea defenses line the beach and I chose a geometrical block to plaster in the Black Clay.
The feeling was one of daubing a wall, and building. There was also a slght trepidation as I kept cutting my fingers
on barnacles letting some of the mud into my cuts. I didn't really trust the mud as being particularly disease free.
But I didn't get any form of blood poisonning (to my knowledge anyway).

To complement the geometry of the cuboid daubing, I put clay on a beautiful stick we found the previous visit to Spurn Head.
This stick made a line. A line that stood up. When the water came to cover the workthe imagination wondered how the mud and materials of
the sculpture would react. The Mud on the block would probably smooth over until eventually washing away by the power of the waves,
while the stick would surf the waves, like some Taoist Master.