A4 Pages with end to end notes. This took 18 years to complete. Mainly because I had to do other things inbetween taking the notes and quoting the
authors that I was reading at the time. All in all there are 64 pages. 8x8. But here there are 60. 10x6.

A5 piece of graph paper with the entire Tao Te Ching written on it.
I had made another on A4 which was given away as a gift leaving me with 30 photocopies.

A3 piece of graph paper with paragraphs from Sontag, Ranciere, Baldwin, Jarman, Zizek, Woolf.
This is written in one continuous line.

- This A7 Notebook has 60 pages. I can get just over 2000 words on each small page.
I hope to have a notebook completely full of illegible quotes from those authors I am reading
or interested in reading soon. Such a small, densely packed obeject of 'useless' scrawl is very interesting to me.
Time and Effort and "Useless-ness".

- 10 of the pages will be taken out and sent to unsuspecting recipients as gifts.