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Beatrice and Simon in Office last time#k18
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Betty made some recordings as she learnt more about Kino and the Sapphire:
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KINO - The Last Year


KINO, Independent, Film, Arthouse, Experimental, Thriller, Murder, Canon, JVC, Non-Dependent, Film-maker, Art,


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Marco Zaffino

Biog 2010/Film Work
KINO (2009) – 100 minutes
Golden Kahuna Award For Filmmaking Excellence at Honolulu IFF 2010
The Faery Tale of Rose and Magdalene (2009) - 8mins
Official Selection:
• New York Short Film Festival 2010
• London Short Film Festival 2010 Screening
Opening Night at the ICA
Spoken By Crowds (2005) – 101 minutes
The Vendetta (2003) - 79 minutes
TheVeranda (2002) - 84 minutes
Awarded Best Foreign Feature at Los Angeles IIFF 2002
Exhibitions : Most Recent
Leeds Design Innovation Centre - January 2010, Solo Show, 46 The Calls, LEEDS
The Media Centre – April 2009, Solo Show, Huddersfield
Westbourne Grove Church Artspace – March 2009, Solo Show, Notting Hill, LONDON
Leeds Design Innovation Centre - January 2008, Solo Show, 46 The Calls, LEEDS
Huddersfield Media Centre - 17th April – 26th June 2009, Solo Show
Selection of Art Work From Past 12 Years
Photonet Group Show – Aug 2008, Leeds Design Innovation Centre, 46 The Calls, LEEDS
The Peacock Lounge – May 2008, Solo Commission to make art for a Burlesque/Variety Club,
Sleepers – June 2008, Solo Show of latest photograph, Huddersfield
Shadow Clean - February 2001, Organised the cleaning of the shadows laid down on the road by Trees,
Vane '98 - November '98, group show of 38 contemporary artists in Newcastle
Red Gallery - August '98, Solo Exhibition, "Roundabout Pumpkin",, Hull
StringBridge - April '98, 2 site specific environmental pieces. Taking of 1000m of string from one side
of a valley to another Huddersfield Moors
Dean Clough - June '98 Group show of 4, Tom Wood, Jack Attree, Stefano Bonacci, Halifax
Marco Zaffino, multi-award winning filmmaker, was born 4th March 1973 in Huddersfield, UK.
He is prolific in all his disciplines, exhibiting as a solo or group artist, directing four feature films:
The Veranda (Best Foreign Feature LAIIFF 2002), The Vendetta – 2003, Spoken By Crowds –
2005, Kino - 2009 (Golden Kahuna Award For Filmmaking Excellence at Honolulu IFF 2010)
writing 14 feature screenplays a book of short stories and three novels. He is presently working on
3 series of Photography: The Epics, MANNEQUIN'S WAR and PRAYERS,
his novel Pure Bred Chihuahua and showing his 4th Feature: KINO
BIOG : Marco Zaffino
Screenplays (feature length )
The Veranda 1999
A-B (2001)
Pure Bred Chihuahua (2001)
The Vendetta (2001)
The Charcoal Burner (2001)
We Are Hoodwinks (2002 in development)
Spoken By Crowds (2003)
The Fairy Tale of Rose and Magdalene (2005 1st draft)
Iris 1503-1538 (2005 2nd Draft)
The Grey Hinterlands (2006 collaborative work in progress)
KINO (2007)
MASANAGA (2009 In Development)
La Vacanza (1st draft 2009)
The Walk (2009 in progress)
Shorts Films
Passers Bye – (2003)
The Arc – (2003)
Iris 1503-1538 - (9 min Monologue)
Curlew - 2006
The Faery Tale of Rose and Magdalene - (2008)
KINO BEAT - (2008)
MASANAGA Short - (2008)
Novels and Short Stories and Photographic Books
Here, There, But Nowhere In Particular (Short Stories)
Trees, Fern, Books and a Bluebird (Novella)
Mint Ice Cream (Novel)
Pure Bred Chihuahua (Novel) (Working with Editor, Matt Read)
Spoken By Crowds (Novel in Progress)
Beat-Ific (Photographic Work between 2008-09) in Dialogue with Martin Herbert
Commercial Writing
School Days – I was commissioned by award winning company Creative North to write
the script for a mobile phone game called 'School Days'. All sections were completed at
designated deadlines.
Tigre Doe – Solo CD, musical composition, lyrics, guitar and vocals
The Vendetta Score - In collaboration with Rob Allen composed under the name Orange
Utans MWE, with guest musicians Inder Goldfinger, Nuccio Di Maio, Ruth Sunderland
and Abdullah Hamzah
Spoken By Crowds score 2005 The Faery Tale score 2009 Kino score 2009
Marco has lectured in fine art at several colleges. He has story-boarded five of his
screenplays, made the web-sites , and
worked on various graphical design projects, but his main goal is to enliven the
independent film and art scene.