'Kino combined with it's website opens up literally endless possibilities, bringing a whole new meaning to the "sequel" concept, as every small insert just opens the way to the next and expands the Kino world, spin offs, mobile phone movies and huge budget features could all tap into it, Kino's concept has it's own culture, this is a legacy of self influencing art, every single compromised production value is utterly excused as the concept actually uses them as narrative, its inspired, it's gunna be massive, I want more!!!!'

Chris Rusby - Key Grip, Feature film Credits - Disappearance of Alice Creed, The Veteran, Hush. Pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes 2, Wuthering Heights, Brideshead Revisited.

"Having seen what Marco has done, Kino stands as an innovative and interesting way to bring any film to an audience. This creative drive is what independent film making is about."

Geoff Kolomayz

co-Director of Films
Submissions Co-ordinator
Mississauga Independent Film Festival (www.miff.ca)
wishing you continued success.